Andrew Jackson
By Ethan L and Jacoby J


date of birth: March15, 1767
date of death: june 8, 1845
first president born in cabin
family origin: scotch-irish
born in carolinas
job:lawyer & land owner
military service:general 1812

Early life

Andrew Jackson was born in a log cabin in the carolinas.His parents were scotch-irish immigrants. Jackson became an orphan at the age of 12. He got in a lot of fights at school, and played games like fight the chicken. He fought in the revolutionary war as a powder boy.


Married Rachel Donelson Robards in 1791. He was also a lawyer. When he was general he defeated the British in the battle of New Orleans. He adopted three kids. He also served as a delegate. He was also nicknamed old hickory from his toughness.


Jackson was the seventh president. He removed government funds. Vetoed bills that he didn't like,and replaced Government Employees with political friends. Jackson also founded the democratic party, and was the first president to ride a train. Jackson lost the first election he participated in, but won the second and made presidency a more powerful office. The time in which Jackson was president was called the rise of the common man. He was also the first "common man" to be president. Jackson was also nicknamed king Andrew.

After presidency

Andrew Jackson returned to his farm to continue his life as a land owner. While he was on his farm he supported the democratic party.