Andrew Johnson
By Nigel and Jackson


Date of Birth: December 29th 1808
Date of Death: July 31st 1875

Early Life

Andrew Johnson was born on December 29th 1808. Johnsons father was a handyman in a Tavern city. Johnson's father died when he was 3 years old. The Johnson's were very poor. Johnson's mother apprenticed him to a tailor. Johnson was supposed to serve as an apprentice for six years but ran away after two years because he was getting in trouble with the law because of his childhood jokes.


Johnson got married on May 17th 1827 to Eliza Mccridle. They both worked as a tailor. They had five children. One child got tuberculosis, another was and alcoholic and the third one died when thrown from his horse.


Johnson was a democrat. Johnson was originally vice president, but after Lincoln got assassinated Johnson moved up to president. After the civil war Johnson had to reconstruct
the United States. After a while Johnson got impeached for firing a worker. Served as president 1865-1869. Johnson's administration became more liverteir?? <{ is that the the right spelling} than it had become during the gloomy war years.

After Presidency

Johnson was addictide to alcohol. He died at the age of 66 on July 31, 1857.