Arthur Chester
By Ethan and Caleb


Kids:Two sons and a daughter but older son died at 2 1/2.
Wife:Ellen Lewis Herndon. She died 10 months before Arthur became V.P ( V.P=Vice President.)
Pets:No pets
Siblings:Six sisters, and two brothers.
Date of birth:October 5, 1829.

Early Life

Arthur lived in villages at Vermont and uptown New York. Arthur was the first son born.His father's name was William. His mother's name was Malvina Stone Arthur. People thought that Arthur was a good student. Arthur went to college at Union College for 3 years. In 1848, Arthur was the Quartermaster General of New York of the Civil War.


Arthur was a partner with New York city law firm Known as defender of the civil rights of blacks. He won a case in 1855 that established right of Blacks to ride any street car in New York.
Also in 1854 Arthur came to a meeting that led to creation of a Republican party in New York. He became collector of New York custom house. Arthur became the leader of party machine in New York. He was also chairman of republic state committee. He got married on October 25 , 1859. Arthur was dying of a kidney disease called glomerulonephritis or Bright disease, but he kept it a secret. He became an associate of Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York. Arthur was in charge of outfitting New York military early in 1862. Arthur really wanted to prove himself above machine politics.


He traveled wildly and renovated White House. Arthur lived in Washington home of Senator John P. Jones. Vetoed a bill said it violated a treaty with China. Blamed for the defeat of Charles J. Folger. Also he modernized the U.S navy by making the boats steel. Arthur decided a commission to study tariff rates. The administration tried to build Republican strength in the South but achieved little.

After Presidency.

After Chester Arthur lost Republican presidential nomination in 1884 he returned to New York. He tried to resume practice of law but his ill health ( kidney disease) prevented him from doing so. Later died of cerebral hemorrhage on November 18,1886. He was buried next to his wife at Albany New York, at the rural cemetery. He died at 56 years old.