Franklin Pierce
By Corey and Anthony


Date of Birth November 23, 1804
Father's Name Benjamin Pierce

Early Life

Franklin's father served in the American Revolution. He spent a happy childhood with his 8 brothers and sisters. At age 11 he was sent to the academy in Hancock. Pierce was also sent to another academy. Franklin went to Bowdoin College. He spent most of college life in social activities.


Franklin opened his own law office in 1927. He supported Andrew Jackson's campaign for presidency. A few years later he won the election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He was reelected two years later and became the speaker of the House. Franklin was elected to the United States Senate and became the youngest senator at 32 years of age.


2 months before the inauguration Franklin and his family were involved in a train accident and his son got decapitated Franklin became 14th President of the United States at a time of apparant peace in 1853-1857. By chasing the recommendations of southern advisors, Pierce -- an Englander -- hoped to ease the divisions that led eventually to the Civil War. Pierce tried to promote harmony in the Democratic Party. He also considered least effective president. Later, he helped reopen the slavery issue with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. He became the only president to be dnied renomination by his party.

After Presidency

After Franklin left office, he went European tour with his wife. After that he settled in New Hampshire.