Grover Cleveland
By Joelle and Camille


Place of Birth: Caldwell, New Jersey
Kid's names: Ruth, Esther, Richard, Francis
Burial:Princeton, June 24, 1908
Married: Frances Folsom
Weight and Height: 5'11", 260 pounds

Early Life

Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey. He had four brothers and five sisters and was the fifth child. He attended schools in Fayetteville and Clinton, New York. His father died when Grover Cleveland was 16. Before his father died he was a minister. Two of his brothers served in Union Army during the civil war.He taught in the New York Institute for the blind for a year. He spent most of his childhood in New York.


Grover Cleveland served as a ward supervisor in 1862. He was also the sheriff of Buffalo in1862, and was govenor of New York.He paid a substitute to take his place in the army.That was later used against him. He also became a lawyer at the age of 17.He ran and became the mayor of 1881. When he was sheriff, he was town executioner,as well, and had to hang murderers himself. He was known as the veto mayor of Buffalo.


Cleveland faced a republican senate, made effective use of the presidential powers of veto, but lost the electoral vote, when moving out of the white house, it says that his brother would be returning in four years. Grover Cleveland was the only president that served to terms that weren't right next to each other. He ran in 1884 and won, ran 4 years later and lost, and in 1892 won again.During his second term,the first automobile was built.He also became a national figure. He was forty-seven when he became president.While he was president he played baseball and basketball.

After Presidency

Grover Cleveland spent his last years in Princeton, New Jersey. He served at Princeton University. He also wrote several magazine articles. He argued about university issues with Woodrow Wilson. In 1904, he published lectures called "Presidential Problems". Grover Cleveland died on June 24 and was buried in Princeton. He had a 3-month illness then died of a heart attack. His last words were "I have tried so hard to do right". He went to Sherman's War.He died June 24,1908.