Herbert Hoover
By Mathea and Lashelle


Date of Birth: 1874
Date of Death:1964
Wife's Name: Lou Henry
Birthplace: West Branch, Iowa
Children: Allen Hoover, Herbert Hoover Jr.
College: Stanford University
Full Name:Herbert Clark Hoover

Early Life

Hoover was born on August 10,1874 in West Branch,Iowa. Herbert had 2 brothers, and 1 sister. His father was a blacksmith.In 1880 Herbert's father died of pneumonia when Herbert was 6 year old. At 9 years old Herbert's mother died so Herbert went to live with his uncle. Him and his siblings got separated. When he was old enough, Herbert went to Stanford University and earned a degree in geology.


Herbert Hoover was a well- known engineer. At the age of 27 Hoover went to Australia to gold mine. In 1914 Herbert Hoover became a multimillionaire. President Wilson asked Herbert to head a U.S. Food Administration. Herbert also set up a Commission for Relief in Belgium. President Warren G. gave Herbert a job as the secretary of commerce.


Herbert Hoover was the president during the great depression, and World War 1.He also supervised the production and distributing of food for american soldiers, civilians,and nation allies. He also won against Alfred E. Smith to get to his presidency. During their time in office the Hoovers hosted parties,and gave the White House a new look. In summer the Hoovers went to the Blue Mountains in Virginia.Herbert Hoover was the first president to have a telephone on his desk.

After presidency

He became interested in engineering again after talking to the engineer who knew his uncle.