James madison
by Ean and Alexander


Date of Birth

James madison was born march 16, 1751 in Virginia.

Early Life

James Madison grew up in Virginia. He loved learning. James madison graduated in 1771. His wife is Dolly Madison. James Madison had 12 brothers. He was the oldest.


He was good Friends with Thomas Jefferson.He was appointed secretary of state.He died June 28,1836 at Montpelier Virginia. He was raised on an plantation. He was a democratic and he went to Princeton college in New Jersey. Made a party called the democratic-Rebuplicans.


Helped make the bill of rights. He was elected president of the United States in 1808.He stopped Being the president,and got reelected in 1812.Created the symtem
of Checks and balances. Served at the Virginia Constitutional convention.He helped draft a new Virginia constitution.

After presidency

He served in a plantation.The last words he said were, "I always talk better lying down".His wife died 13 years later. they buried her body in the the same place.He helped free some of the slaves.