James Monroe
By Rickey and Jalen


Early Life

James Monroe was born on April 28,1758 in Westmoreland County Virginia. He was the eldest of four boys and a girl. At ages 5-12 he was home-schooled. At ages 12-16 he went to the school of Parson Archibald Campbell. At ages 16-18 he entered the College of William and Mary.


He dropped out of College to fight in the Revolutionary War when he was 18. He became a lieutenant when he was 18 also. He got married in 1786 to 17 year old Elizabeth Kortight.
James was Elected in 1799 to be the governor of Virginia.


He became President in 1817. When James was president it was called the Era of Good Feeling. He was the 5th President. He banned slavery in Missouri in 1819. Monroe was 58 when he was elected. James was in the Democratic-Republican Party. His end of Presidency was in 1825.

After Presidency

James Monroe died on July 4th 1831. He was the third president to die on Independence Day. Monroe was 73 when he died. James Monroe was buried at the Presidents Circle in Richmond, Virginia.