John Adams
By Myles & Chase


Early Life

John Adams was born on October 30,1735. He was born in Quincy Massachusetts but raised in small vilage in New England . When he was a little boy he worked on his family farm. He went to college at Harvard and graduated in 1755.


John got married in 1764 to Abigail Adams. He had five children Abigail,John,Susanna,Charles, and Thomas. In 1789 He was elected as vice president. He helped negotiate peace with Britain. He loved the idea of the Boston Tea Party.


John Adams became the second president in 1797 when George Washington refused to serve a third term.He raised taxes to help the war. His vice presidant was Tomas Jefferson.When he was president he had a lot of problems with the French. John signed the Alien and Sedition Act that allowed no immigrants to come to america. When he was President he fought in the Boston Massacre . Later on he was the first president to move in the white house. John loved america so he targeted people who criticized America. Before he left presidency he appointed John Marshall to lead the supreme court.

After Presidency

After John adams lost to Thomas Jefferson in 1801he went back to his farm named Peace-field in Quincy. This was the life his wife always wanted.on his farm he started writing and doing commentary.