John Quincy Adams
By: Grace
date of Birth: July 11,1762
Date of Death: February 21,1775
Nickname: Old Man Eloquent
Wife: Louisa Catherine Johnson
Children: Washington Adams, Louisa Catherine, John, Charles Francis
College: Harvard
Jobs: private secretary, minister, lawyer, political journalism writer, and president
Pets: Alligator and silk worms

Early Life

John Quincy Adams was born on July 11,1762 in Braintree. He was the second child to his father John Adams. He traveled on a dangerous voyage with his father when he was 11. He attended schools in Paris, Amstar, and Leiden.He also attend to Harvard for part of college.


John Quincy Adams had 4 jobs, private secretary, minister, lawyer, and political jurnalism writer. On a special assignment he met his future wife Louisa Catherine Johnson. Later they got married, and had 4 children John, Washington Adams, Charles Francis, and Louisa Catherine. His father also became president around this time also.


John Quincy Adams was elected in 1824 as the 6th president. He won against Andrew Jackson even though Jackson had more votes. Henry Clay was elected as secretary of state when John Quincy Adams was elected for president. Mrs. Adams served as White House hostess, and also had silk worms for pets. John Quincy Adams is the only president known to have a pet alligator in the White House. He served for only 1 term than