Martian Van Buren
by Damien and Henry

Early Life
Martian Van Buren was born on December 5,1782
Martan Van Buren attended school in a dutch cummunity.Then Martan had to move to New York. There he became popular. When he was 14 he started to study the law. Then soon after he opened a Law Office.


Later he got maried to Hanna Hoes.Befor he was president he was vice president. Before that he was US secretary of state. Before that Martian became US Senator.
prier to his presadency he became a seneter
he also helped Andrew Jackson to become a presadent Martian was also called the little magician.

A HUGE depression happened just 67 days after he was elected president. It was known as The Panic Of 1837. The year before he destroyed the national bank. A depression was inevitable. He also got married again the people also admired his sons when they are young adults.

After Presidency

He retried to his country estate.