Thomas Jefferson
By Grant and Blake


Date of birth:April 13,1743
Fathers name:

Early Life:

Thomas Jefferson was born in Goochland, Virginia. He had six sisters and one brother. Another fact is that his dad was a colonial of the militia and he died when Thomas was 9 years old. Also he went to college at William and Mary.


Thomas was a revolutionary leader. He also was a delegate to congress, governor of Virginia, U.S. minister to France, and U.S secretary of state.Also, he was one of the leading American architects, designed the University of Virginia, and his own home.


Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase. Also, he signed the Declaration of Independence. Jeffersons grandson was the first child born in the White House. He was president from 1801 to 1809. Thomas had the ideas to build east and west terraces and a north portico to the White House

After Presidency:

He rode horses and played with his grandchildren. Jefferson died on July 4th , the same day as John Adams. Jefferson pursued science and natural history through research