Ulysses S. Grant
By Nicholas and Julian


Date of Birth: April 1822
Children: Four

Early Life

Ulysses S. Grant was born on April 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He attended school in George town until he was 14. Then Ulysses attended west point a military academy. Ulysses was trustworthy, and his father put him to work. After a few days of working Ulysses moved to nearby George town.


While he was in nearby George town he got a job. He had four children. He was 39 years old when the civil war began. Camped for 2 months. Worked for the Illinois and judicial general. Soon he married Julia Dent. The Ulysses returned to the army to fight the Civil War. Sadly he had to sell his farm and moved to St.louis.

in 1885 he was elected president. In 1875 he was reelected president. Used the military to protect. Let the republicans and congress call most of the shots. He was honest and is friends were dirtbags. Ulysses signed a bill to create the department. He also negotiated the treaty of Washington with Great Britain, setting disputes over the Civil War as well as northern borders.

After presidency
After He Left the white house, Ulysses lack of success at civilian life continued once again. He became a partner of the financial firm. In 1884 the firm went bankrupt. In July 23,1885 he died in Mount Mcgregory.