Warren G Harding
By Jordan and Jaiden

Date of Birth:November2,1865
Oldest of his 8 siblings

Early Life

Warren G Harding was born November.2 1865. He attended grammar schools at corsic caledonia. He went to Ohio central college his high school in Liberia. He edited school news paper.
His mother was Phoebe Dickerson Harding, and his father was George Tyron Harding.


He married Florence Kling De Wolfe. They had no children.He ran for the United States senate in 1914. He lost 1910 election for governor. Urged by wife and Harry M. Daugherty to run for senate.He got married on July 8. He was elected president in 1899.


He became president in 1921.Crooks ruined his reputation.
He was not an independent thinker. He also wasn't a good boss. Hardings friends became crooks and wanted to use the Government for money. Hardings administration came under attack. He was also thee 29th president.