William Mckinley
by Carter & Anna


-McKinley had a parrot called "Washington Post".
-Went to law school in Albany New York.
-Had 2 daughters; both of them died.

Early Life

The life of William Mckinley. He was born in 1843 on January 29th in Niles Ohio. He was 10 when he joined Methodist Episcopal Church. McKinley had 8 siblings. He went to school at Poland Seminary. His parents were William Sr. & Nancy McKinley. Moved to Poland, Ohio when he was 10.


McKinley worked for a judge in Youngstown and fought in the Antietem Battle. McKinley had a rank of Brevet Major. He practiced law in Canton, Ohio. McKinley was the governor of Ohio.
He was the first man in Poland, Ohio to volunteer to fight . He also studied law in Canton Ohio. His wife developed ellipse after their second daughter died.


William McKinley was the 25th president. He was inaugrated in 1897.

Mckinley died from a assassination in 9/14/1901.