Woodrow Wilson
By Savannah and Lacey


Date of Birth; 29th of December

Early Life

Woodrow Wilson didn't start school until he was nine. He developed a disease called Dyslexia. He had to leave school because he had very ill health. Woodrow was also a very religious person.Woodrow went to college at Davidson college at Davidson, North Carolina.He had a brother and a sister his brother's name was Joseph Ruggles Wilson and his sister's name was Janet.

Adult Hood

Woodrow Wilson started a law office. He became a teacher, and studied history and politics. He published his first book. He also got awarded a Ph.D degree. While going on a business trip Woodrow ended up meeting his future wife. He also was elected governor of New Jersey.On December 10, he was awarded the Noble Peace Prize. Wilson got married to a beautiful lady named Ellen Louise Axon on June 24 1885. Years later Wilson had 3 daughters.


Wilson was remarried to a lady named Edith Bolling Galt. Wilson presented his program for reform of banking and currency laws.Woodrow also
helped reorganize the university at that time under graduate course program. He in acted lots of laws. He also established the Federal Banking System. He passed the Underwood Tariff Act. He lead the U.S into World War 1 in 1917. He also drafted the peace plant afterward.

After Presidency

Wilson left presidency on March 4, 1924. He moved back into his old home on 2340 S Street in Washington D.C. He teamed back up with his former secretary of state , but that didn't continue because of Wilson's disability from his past stroke. He published a book called "The Road Away from Revolution." He died in his home on February 3, 1924, and was buried in a National Cathedral.